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10 things to do with your friends during a quarantine

For when you’re stuck at home and the FOMO (fear of missing out) is real, it’s important to remain connected to your friends! We’ve put together ten things for your mind, body, and spirit to help you stay positive during your quarantine.

Jack Box Games

These online games are played using a laptop and everyone’s phone, making this the perfect game to play virtually. All you’ll need is one person to share a screen, either through Zoom or even Google Hangouts, and everyone’s phone. There are a ton of different games to select – from getting funny prompts to trivia. There’s something for everyone! You can buy the games individually, or in a party pack which will run between $15 and $25 dollars!

Spotify Concert
Nothing brings people together more than music. This way, you can listen with your friends in real time making it the perfect way to jam. Throw on your best band t-shirt and pretend your front row at your favorite concert, or even curate the perfect late night study playlist. Spotify lists the instructions here, tune in and prepare to jam out.


For the days where you don’t want to be alone, but don’t want to hang out this is the happy middle. Watch almost every streaming service together in real time. This allows you to not miss Bachelor night, and to make sure you see everyone’s face react in real time when a contestant does something crazy. This is a free extension on your web browser, download available here, and will provide entertainment long after quarantine ends.

Step Challenge

With all the available technology today, why not challenge your friends to a good old fashion step challenge? Track your steps using a smart watch or phone, and see who can get the most daily or even over quarantine. If available, doing this activity outside would be the perfect way to get some fresh air and sunshine!

Podcast Book Club

sometimes you run out of stuff to talk about. What if you formed a mini podcast type book club? You can do that with Spotify group sessions. You listen as a group, (or you can all listen separately) then come together and discuss it! My top picks include: Good Job Brain (a trivia podcast), The Anthropocene Reviewed (reviewing facets of the human experience by John Green), and of course We Can Do Hard Things (a podcast with author Glennon Doyle). Find a topic and listen away!

Virtual Museum Tours

Live out your dream of being able to see some of the world’s best pieces of art and history up close and personal! If art is your thing, you will love the tours offered from New York’s Museum of Modern Art or even the Louvre or maybe world history does it for you and would rather explore The British Museum. Pick an exhibit that peaks you and your friends interest – travel the {virtual} world together!

The Wiki Game

Wikipedia: Not be the best for research, but surprisingly good for fun! Challenge your friends to the Wiki Game: the game where you have to connect two seemingly random wikipedia articles in as few clicks to tabs as possible. You get points for time and the amount of clicks. See who can connect ‘Hot Dog’ to ‘iPhone’ quickest!

Bob Ross

Maybe quarantine has brought out your creative side, or maybe you’re just craving Bob’s soothing voice. Either way, break out the paint and canvas and create a new piece of art. Share your screen and paint happy trees with a friend. With tons of tutorials on YouTube, you can paint anything from an ocean breeze to a cabin in a hollow.

Virtual National Parks

If you’re one with nature, and the Missouri weather is sucking, this might be the answer. The only downside? Not being able to add a stamp to your National Park Passport! Google Earth has Virtual Tours of 31 National Parks. Organized alphabetically, in one day you can see from Arches to Zion all from the comfort of your own home. 

Study Night

Unfortunately, quarantine doesn’t always mean a pause in school work. In an attempt to stay on top of your work, arrange a coffee study party with a couple of classmates. Sharing resources from notes taken in class to quizlet is a great way to make sure you don’t fall behind. If you’re really missing those coffee shop vibes, there are a ton of ambiance videos on YouTube that get the whir of the espresso machine just right.

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