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Introducing the Find the Light Foundation Resource Library

In honor of Suicide Prevention Day and in memory of all of the people we have lost, Find the Light is proud to present our Resource Library as one of the largest collections of mental health resources in the world. This library was proudly designed by students and for students. There is nothing like it. To date we have collected more than 100 different resources tailored for a variety of needs. The best thing about this library is that it’s ever-growing. We can take and add submissions from anyone, and our library can hold more than 15,000 resources. This is true community-sourced mental health care. Anyone can submit a website, hotline, chatline, or infographic to help us grow our library.
Additionally, this library is searchable and filterable by whatever your need. You can filter through different specific categories such as Crisis, LGBTQ, Men, Women, BIPOC, Substance Abuse, and more. You can even apply multiple filters to find what you’re looking for. The site is also filterable by the type of resource you need. Don’t feel like talking to someone over the phone? You can select chatlines from the filters. Or maybe you’re just looking for information, you can select Info from the filters and your search will reflect what you’re looking for. If none of those options appeal to you, the library is equipped with an advanced searching mechanism that will find what you’re looking for quickly.
We’re also very excited that this Resource Library is on our accessible website which includes a tool to change the font size for those who have trouble reading small print as well as dark mode for those of us who prefer it.
The Resource Library is a product of Fort Zumwalt South sophomore Zack Diebold of Noticeably Better Website Design and Development. This one-of-a-kind library is a result of his vision and hard work and is a testament to the value of student voices in mental health. We truly believe that a tool designed entirely by a high school student has the potential to save countless lives.

Visit to browse our collection and submit the resources that have worked for you! Together we can build a comprehensive library of mental health resources.

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